HILLTOPS WINE announces a new partnership with both ACT and NSW based wine companies that feature Hilltops GI wines in their portfolios.  The new Wine Associates all market wines from the Hilltops Region.  Eligible wines are required to be made from grapes sourced from the Hilltops Region (85%) and must carry the denomination Hilltops on their labels.

‘The Hilltops is still one of Australia’s best kept wine secrets, so we decided to invite our wine partners to join us in an endeavour to grow awareness of the diversity and quality of our region’s grapes and wine’, said President Brian Freeman.
‘The response has been really pleasing and will I am sure ultimately bring more wine explorers to our region, as they make the connection between a Cabernet or Sangiovese they may buy in Sydney, Melbourne or the Hunter Valley, that originates from the Hilltops.’

For a list of currently available Hilltops Associate wines go to:  https://www.hilltopswine.com.au/wine-associates